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Welcome to The Oklahoma Lawman Web Site !

Again Welcome, to the The Oklahoma Lawman web site, I should have this site published on the web soon. I will have on this web site, information and some stories on the famous and infamous lawmen of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Territory and Indian Nation days, to the present. I will have a few stories of my own adventures while I was a deputy, and from some of my fellow deputies as well.
I think you will enjoy this web site, especially if you have an interest in the history of lawmen and law enforcement of Oklahoma.

Deputy U. S. Marshall Benjamin Barbee
Benjamin Gray Barbee was a U.S. Marshal in Dewey, OK. He was born 1 May 1871 Marshfield, Webster Co, MO. and died Dec 31, 1943 Bartlesville, Washington Co, OK. He is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery in Bartlesville, OK.


Meet The Webmaster
Go to the 'Meet the Webmaster' page and read a brief outline about me. Also, I have placed some Bible verses there, that may help you through your day.
Retired Deputy Charles H. Dudley
"Okmulgee County 12"
Webmaster and retired Deputy Sheriff of Okmulgee County, Oklahoma


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Information on Other Oklahoma Lawmen!
If, you have any information on a father, grandfather, uncle, brother, sister or even your-self, who was in law enforcement from the Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory days to present, that may of had an interesting adventure, or historical story about law enforcement, and you would like to share this with us, please, let me know. You can use the e-mail link on this page to send this information to me. Thanks Dudley



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